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Switch cabinet

Switch cabinet



A switch cabinet is an electrical device. An external line of a switch cabinet enters the main control switch in the cabinet first and then the sub-control switch. Each sub-circuit is set according to its needs. Such as instrument, automatic control, motor magnetic switch, various ac contactor, some also set high voltage chamber and low voltage chamber switch cabinet, with high voltage bus, such as power plant, and some also set for the main equipment of low weekly load reduction. The main function of the switchgear cabinet is to switch, control and protect the electrical equipment in the process of power system generation, transmission, distribution and power conversion. The components in the switch cabinet are mainly composed of circuit breaker, isolation switch, load switch, operating mechanism, mutual inductor and protective device of insulation component. Among them, insulation components function for support, load bearing, isolation and other requirements, so the insulation material requirements are: higher electrical strength, higher mechanical strength, more arc resistance. Commonly used GPO3                               



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