flat bar

Product number:gpo-3、umpg203、UPGM205 Product color: red, white, brown-red, gray



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Product description

Flat strip is an insulating material made of alkali-free glass fiber yarn (mat) dipped in unsaturated polyester resin paste and added with corresponding additives by pultrusion. It has good electrical properties in high humidity environment, good mechanical properties in medium temperature, flame retardant, arc resistance and resistance to leakage start and other characteristics.


Test Method


Typical Values

Physical Properties


Visual inspection



Specific Gravity IEC 60893-2:2003 g/cm3 1.95-2.05
Water absorption IS062:2008 % ≤0.5

Mechanical properties

Tensile Strength IEC 60893-2:2003 Mpa ≥130
Compressive strength IEC 60893-2:2003 ≥300
Flexural Strength IEC 60893-2:2003 ≥180
Impact stren gth IEC 60893-2:2003 KJ/m2 ≥60

Electrical properties

Volume Resistivity IEC 60093: 1980 Ω- m ≥1.0 x 1010
Surface Resistivity IEC 60093: 1980 Ω ≥1.0 x 1012
Electric Strength丄 IEC 60893-2:2003 kV/mm ≥12
Breakdown Voltage // IEC 60893-2:2003 kV/25mm ≥80
Arc Resistance IEC 61621: 1997 sec ≥180
PTI Proof Tracking Index PTI IEC 60893-2:2003 ≥600
Dielectric Constant IEC 60893-2:2003 4.0-5.0
Dissipation Factor IEC 60893-2:2003 ≤0.03

Thermal properties

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTME 228-11 1/K ≤2x10-5
Temperature Index IEC 60085:2004 155

Flame Resistance performance

Oxygen Index ISO 4589-2:1996 %O2 ≥30
Flame Resistance IEC 60893-2:2003 V-0
Toxicant(Emissior)halogen etc.) E662 Low

Other properties

The anti microbial properties of bacteria G21-G22 good
  Material properties
      High product strength, better than foreign products, no cracking and no bursting of edges
  Excellent dimensional and spatial stability
  Heat resistance grade H (long-term working temperature ≥ 180°C)
  Heat resistance grade C (long-term working temperature ≥ 200°C)
  Excellent compression strength (transverse ≥ 80MPa)
  Excellent bending strength (≥ 380MPa)
  Excellent adhesion (no cracking in foil-wound and wire-wound applications)
  Low smoke, halogen-free products (NF-F16-101/102 French national standard certification)
  RoHS, Reach certified products

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