Cutting equipment introduction Automatic cutting saw is a high precision cutting machine equipped with numerical control program to execute operation, workers input the size data needed for cutting on PC or touch screen, start the machine to run automatically, realize automatic grasping and feeding, automatic calibration and positioning for precision cutting.


Processing capacity

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Product description

  Operating Principle
  CNC openers processing principle is milling type processing, the use of CNC openers three-dimensional space positioning principle, you can process any curve, right angles and arcs and other push table saws can not open the board material. All in all, CNC openers can replace the push table saw to undercut, CNC openers can be optional automatic loading and unloading device, CNC openers automatically loading, automatic unloading after opening, panel furniture factory only need to use a forklift to place the material to the CNC openers behind the magazine can be. CNC Recorder is easy to operate, button operation, workers do not need to contact with the material, CNC Recorder unique intelligent anti-collision alarm function, can eliminate improper operation will be the damage caused by collision of the Recorder.

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