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Introduction to fine carving equipment
Carved machine (CNCengravingandmillingmachine) it is a kind of nc machine tools. Metal carving machine can be used for non-contact cutting and drilling of metal or non-metal plates and tubes, especially for laser cutting and processing of stainless steel plates, iron plates, silicon wafers, ceramic wafers, titanium alloys, epoxy, A3 steel, diamond and other materials. The equipment has stable and reliable operation, good processing quality, high efficiency, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
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  1.-CNC milling and machining center is used to complete the processing equipment of larger milling volume
  2. --CNC engraving machine is used to complete small milling or soft metal processing equipment
  3.-High-speed cutting machine tool is used to complete the medium milling amount, and to reduce the grinding amount after milling to the minimum processing equipment
  In-depth analysis of the structure of the above equipment can help us make the right choice
  1. From a mechanical perspective
  The machinery of the machine tool is divided into two parts, the moving part and the non-moving part: the working part, the slide board, the cross table, etc. are the moving parts, and the bed base, the column, etc. are the non-moving parts.
  1. CNC Milling Center:
  The rigidity of the non-moving part is very good
  Advantages: Can carry out heavy cutting; Disadvantages: Because the moving parts are equally large, sacrificing the flexibility of the machine tool, it is powerless for small parts and rapid feed.
  2 .-- CNC carving machine
  The rigidity of the non-moving part requires good rigidity of the moving part. The flexibility is the prerequisite. It should be as light as possible while maintaining a certain rigidity.
  Advantages: It can perform relatively small processing and high processing accuracy. For soft metals, high-speed machining can be performed; disadvantages: heavy cutting is impossible because of poor rigidity.
  3. High-speed cutting machine
  The rigidity of the non-moving part is very good, and the rigidity of the moving part is better, and it is as light as possible.
  Advantages: It can perform small and medium amount of cutting (for example, a general φ10 flat-bottom knife, the deep cutting depth of 45 steel (300) is preferably 0.75); Disadvantages: Under the correct use, it can play high efficiency and low cost, making the amount of grinding very small. Improper use will immediately pile up the scrap of knives.
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