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Huayan Fuji New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-performance composite insulation material research and development and production in one of the manufacturers; Project insulation program overall provider; Intelligent equipment, automation equipment research and development and manufacturing manufacturers. The company is committed to providing customers with more competitive products and services.

The establishment of the company includes: insulation materials division, intelligent manufacturing division, overseas division and R & D center and other divisions, and steadily promote the company's related work.

The company has first-class test research and development equipment and related technical personnel, and has established a joint research and development center with the Institute of Materials and Structures of Harbin Institute of Technology to engage in research and development related to insulation materials and automation equipment. Main research and development direction: lightweight, high strength, high temperature resistance, intelligent, high stability, high electrical performance, etc.

Products are widely used in electric power, electrician, intelligent equipment, automation equipment, 3C and other industries. The main customers are: ABB, Siemens, Fuji Electric, Guodian Nanrui, Hangke Technology, China Central Vehicle, Jed, etc.

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Huayan Fuji adheres to customer-centric, quality-based guarantee, continuously improves production technology and service levels, and continuously improves the quality management system to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of different customers: After unremitting efforts, the company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 Environmental management system. The company's products have passed the SGS certification. And international UL certification, our company is committed to the development and production of green environmental protection products, has met the requirements of the international market ROHS, REACH and other regulatory directives.