Company Profile


Huayan Fuji is committed to providing safer and more reliable insulation materials and is exclusively engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and related technical services of insulation materials.

The company has rich manufacturing experience in laminated and molded materials and is familiar with various material properties and application technologies, including resins such as phenolic resin, unsaturated polyester, silicone resin, epoxy resin, polyesterimide resin, etc., combined with laminated products of different substrates (linen base, glass cloth base, glass mat base, phenolic paper base, etc.), etc.

Our main products are: SMC molded parts, UPGM203, UPGM205, polyester imide sheets, epoxy glass cloth sheets (EPGC202, EPGC204, EPGC306, FR-4, FR-5, G10, G11, 3240), 3250, phenolic cotton cloth sheets, phenolic paperboard, phenolic molded products, FRP profiles, lead slot wedges, epoxy tubes, epoxy rods, etc. that meet the mainstream safety regulations. Epoxy rods and other products to meet the mainstream safety certification, including the national standard, French standard, the United States ELTEK, electrical insulation (EIM), electrical insulation system (EIS) test, UL (including electrical, mechanical, temperature resistance, flame resistance) and other safer and more secure insulation materials. The products are widely used in new energy, power transmission and transformation, rail transportation, photovoltaic, wind power, electrical machinery, medical equipment, electronic industry and other high-tech fields.

The company has professional side research equipment and technical personnel to provide customers with relevant technical services, including material selection, structure design, product manufacturing, etc.. The products meet all kinds of characteristics and performance, including dielectric properties, arc resistance, leakage resistance, magnetic properties, thermal bending strength, impact strength, etc.

The insulating material products provided by the company meet the mainstream safety testing, including national standard, French standard, electrical insulation (EIM), electrical insulation system (EIS) testing, UL (including electrical, mechanical, temperature resistance, flame resistance), etc.

The company has various series of processing equipment, including machining centers, CNC grinding machines, CNC turning, CNC milling, bending machines, surface treatment stamping equipment, etc. We are able to provide insulation parts processing services with stable and flexible processing capabilities to meet the needs of rapid prototyping, high precision pricing and low cost mass production.