Specification and characteristics of gpo3 light and abrasive plates

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2020-08-29 17:40

  Companies in the procurement of gpo3 insulating board, there is no lack of his product performance and specifications half-understand, today Suzhou Huayan Fuji a professional do insulation talent material and insulation parts R & D manufacturers, for you to explain the depth of GPO-3 light board and abrasive board specifications and characteristics. Let everyone in-depth understanding, to solve your needs!

       German Standard: HM2471

  Product color: red, white, brown-red, gray

  Product thickness: 0.5mm-80.0mm

  Product Specifications: 1000*1200;1000*1300;1230*2100

  Product Description: GPO3 light board (red, white, brown-red) series, is a rigid board insulating material made of alkali-free glass fiber glass mat impregnated with unsaturated resin polyester paste and added with corresponding additives by hot pressing.


  Huayan Fuji's gpo3 light plate, grinding plate has the following characteristics:.

  1. national standard drafter, with 6 patents

  2. excellent arc resistance (arc resistance ≥ 180 seconds)

  3. excellent resistance to leakage traces (CTI ≥ 600V)

  4. excellent heat resistance (heat-resistant grade of 155 ℃ or more)


5. excellent thermal shock resistance (operating temperature -273 ℃ to +155 ℃)

  6. excellent flame retardancy (UL 94 V-0 class)

  7. excellent machining performance, high degree of automated processing

  8 low smoke, halogen-free products (NF-F16-101/102 French national standard certification)

  9. RoHS, Reach certified products

  GPO-3 red/white abrasive plate

  GPO3 Grinding Boards (Red, White) are rigid boards made of alkali-free glass fiber glass impregnated with unsaturated resin polyester paste and hot-pressed with appropriate additives. The thickness tolerance of the products is more accurate when thickness finishing is performed on this basis.

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