Polyester sheet with high heat resistance-gpo3

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2020-09-01 17:11

Do not want to insulating materials afraid of heat, that come to see the heat-resistant GPO-3, heat-resistant GPO-3 can also be called UPGM203, is a non-alkali glass fiber mat board soaked in unsaturated polyester paste, and add the appropriate additives by the hot-pressing of the hard insulating material. Colors are: red, white, brown-red, it is in the high humidity environment of the electrical properties of good, medium temperature mechanical properties, with flame retardant, heat resistance, arc resistance, resistance to leakage trace special effects.


  GPO-3's heat resistance level can reach: 155°, is flame retardant 94-V0 level, usually can be applied in many fields:

  1. Application in circuit breakers: frame circuit apparatus safety baffle, safety shield, spacing shield, spacing liner, inter-phase partition, etc.; 2. Application in molded case circuit breakers: inter-phase partition, arc extinguishing chamber arc isolation plate, etc.; 3.

  3. Applications in motors and motors: motor armature parts, movable cover, grooved wedge stator, fixed spacer, thin spacer, carbon brush holder, etc.; 4. Applications in switchgear: arc isolation system in the front, back, top, bottom, phase-to-phase partition, etc.; 5. Other applications: electrician's circuit breaker, phase-to-phase partition, arc extinguishing chamber arc isolator, etc.; 6.

  5. Other applications: arc-resistant structural parts for electrical cabinets.

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