FR4 Insulation Board Hidden Specifications and Properties, do you really know?

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2020-08-29 17:40

Companies in the procurement of FR4 insulation board, there is no lack of half-knowledge of his product performance and specifications, today Suzhou Huayan Fuji a professional insulating materials and insulating parts R & D manufacturers, for you to explain the depth of FR4 specifications and characteristics. Let everyone in-depth understanding, to solve your needs!

   Aqua green FR-4 insulating board: yellow FR4 insulating board; black FR4 insulating light board

  German Standard: Hgw2372.1

  Product color: aqua green/yellow/black

  Product thickness: 0.1mm-120mm

  Product Specifications:1020*1220丨1220*2040

      FR-4 Aqua Green/Yellow/Black board is a rigid board insulating material made of imported alkali-free glass fiber cloth impregnated with imported epoxy ester resin and added with imported flame retardant and adhesive, etc. It is hot-pressed into a rigid board.

  FR-4 black anti-static laminate is an insulating material specially added with anti-static material to make its surface resistivity <109 to achieve the function of absorbing static charge.


Huayan Fuji FR4 insulation board has the following characteristics:

  1. Rich variety and high tolerance accuracy

  2. excellent flame retardancy (UL 94 V-0 grade)

  3. excellent voltage resistance (electrical strength ≥ 16Kv/mm)


  4. excellent water absorption (water absorption rate ≤ 0.2%)

  5. excellent heat resistance (heat-resistant grade of 155 ℃ or more)

  6. excellent thermal shock resistance (working temperature -273 ℃ to +155 ℃)

  7. excellent machinability, high degree of automated processing

  8. RoHS, Reach certified products

Huayan Fuji specializes in research and development of a variety of insulating materials products and parts and components R & D, self-produced, factory source, services for a number of domestic enterprises exported abroad, all the qualification reports are complete. We can afford the quality more than the responsibility! Welcome to call and consult, 0512-62550166

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